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Car Rental in Abu Dhabi: Affordable Prices and Quality Service

When visiting Abu Dhabi, having a reliable means of transportation is essential to fully explore the Emirate's attractions. If you're searching for a rent-a-car company that offers excellent prices and quality service, look no further than PremiumCarRental. With a vast fleet of over 300 vehicles, PremiumCarRental ensures that you find a vehicle that perfectly matches your budget and travel requirements. Whether you need a luxury car or an economy option, they have you covered.

Benefits of Hiring a Car in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the largest of the seven Emirates in the United Arab Emirates, is a captivating tourist destination known for its world-class attractions, including the world's fastest rollercoaster and sun-drenched sandy beaches. To make the most of your trip and explore the Emirate at your own pace, renting a car is an absolute necessity. Here are some key reasons why opting for a rental car in Abu Dhabi is beneficial:

Convenience and Flexibility

By renting a car or SUV, you free yourself from the hassles of relying on public transportation. You have the freedom to travel from Abu Dhabi to anywhere within the UAE according to your own schedule and convenience. No more waiting for buses or trains – simply hop into your rented car and embark on an exciting adventure.


Whether you're on vacation or a business trip in Abu Dhabi, renting a car proves to be more cost-effective than other forms of transportation, such as taxis or the metro. The prices offered by PremiumCarRental start from AED 29 per day and AED 890 per month, making it an affordable option for all travelers. By choosing car rental, you can save money while enjoying the convenience of having your own vehicle.

Hassle-free Experience for Residents

If you're a resident of Abu Dhabi, renting a car can be a smart alternative to buying one. Owning a car comes with maintenance, service, and insurance costs. By opting for a rental car from PremiumCarRental, you can avoid these hassles and enjoy the convenience of driving without the additional expenses. PremiumCarRental even offers complimentary maintenance, service, and insurance provisions.

Why Choose PremiumCarRental?

When it comes to car rental services in Abu Dhabi, PremiumCarRental stands out from the competition. They focus on providing reliable, flexible, and cheap car hire services to individuals and businesses within Abu Dhabi. Here's why you should choose PremiumCarRental:

Affordable Rates and Diverse Options

PremiumCarRental offers a wide range of rental options, including short-term rentals and car leases, all at affordable rates. With prices starting from AED 29 per day, they provide some of the best car rental prices you can find online. Whatever your budget or travel needs, PremiumCarRental has a suitable vehicle for you.

Extensive Fleet of Vehicles

Their expansive car rental fleet consists of luxury and economy cars from popular brands such as Audi, Kia, Chevrolet, and Toyota, among others. With a diverse selection of vehicles, you can find the perfect car to suit your style, preferences, and group size.

Professional and Experienced Team

At PremiumCarRental, their team is composed of trained and experienced professionals who are dedicated to assisting you with your travel needs in Abu Dhabi and the UAE. Whether you have questions about their car hire services or need assistance with making a reservation, their team is eager to help.

Driving and Parking in Abu Dhabi: Important Information

While Abu Dhabi has an efficient public transport system, having a rental car by your side can significantly enhance your experience. Here are some essential details you need to know about driving and parking in Abu Dhabi:

Driving Regulations

In the UAE, vehicles drive on the right side of the road. It is mandatory for both drivers and passengers to wear seat belts at all times. Speed limits vary across different roads, with some having a maximum limit of 140km/hr, while others have limits of either 120km/hr or 100km/hr. The minimum age for driving in the country is 18 years, but to lease or hire a vehicle from a car rental service like PremiumCarRental, the hirer must be at least 22 years of age.

Parking Challenges and Payment Methods

Finding a parking spot in Abu Dhabi can be challenging at times. However, the Emirate offers numerous public parking areas, each with varying fees based on location and duration. You can pay your parking fees using currency coins, credit cards, NOL cards, SMS, or government transportation apps. It's important to note that violating parking and driving rules in the UAE can result in heavy fines.

Car Rental in Abu Dhabi – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost to rent a car in Abu Dhabi?

The cost of renting a car in Abu Dhabi depends on the type of vehicle you choose and the duration of the rental period. PremiumCarRental offers vehicles starting from AED 29 per day and AED 890 per month. They strive to provide the best car rental prices available online.

Which is the best car type for driving in Abu Dhabi?

The best car type for driving in Abu Dhabi depends on your specific requirements and group size. For families of five or more, an SUV would be a better choice, offering spaciousness and comfort. For couples on a romantic getaway, a convertible would add a touch of luxury and style to your trip. If you need assistance in selecting the right rental car, PremiumCarRental's team is available to help.

Is there a fee to cancel my rental car contract in Abu Dhabi?

Cancellation fees may apply depending on the nature of your car rental contract. For specific information about cancellation policies, it is recommended to contact PremiumCarRental directly.

If I shorten the rental period, will there be any change in the conditions and cost?

PremiumCarRental understands that plans can change unexpectedly. If you have made an online booking and wish to cancel it completely, it is advisable to do so at least two days before the scheduled date. If you want to shorten the duration of an ongoing rental contract, reach out to the PremiumCarRental team, and they will provide you with flexible options.

What if I damage my rented car?

In the unfortunate event of damage to your rental vehicle's bodywork, Collision Damage Waiver, included within your rental contract, will cover the expenses. However, it's important to note that it does not cover damage to other parts of the vehicle, including the tires and electronic devices. If an accident occurs, it is recommended to pull over to the side of the road, contact both the Abu-Dhabi Police and PremiumCarRental for assistance.

Are the prices mentioned on the website all-inclusive?

Yes, the prices quoted on the PremiumCarRental website are all-inclusive. You can rest assured that there will be no hidden charges at the end of your rental contract. By placing your car rental inquiry with PremiumCarRental, you can enjoy a transparent and hassle-free rental experience.


When planning your trip to Abu Dhabi, consider the convenience and affordability of renting a car. With PremiumCarRental, you can enjoy excellent prices, a diverse fleet of vehicles, and professional service from their experienced team. Explore Abu Dhabi at your own pace, visit its captivating attractions, and make unforgettable memories with the freedom of a rental car. Reach out to PremiumCarRental through their inquiry form to learn more about their car hire services in Abu Dhabi and make your reservation today!